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Hello … is anybody there? By: Gene Ballard, Vice President of Administrative Services I don’t know about you but I dislike automated voice recordings.  It is very frustrating to call a company and an automated voice comes on saying; ‘Hello, please press 1 for conference services … press 2 for accounting … press 3 for technical… Read more »

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The Forest Products Society (FPS) has chosen Association Services Group (ASG) for full service management, effective August 1, 2018. Established in 1947, FPS is the premier international organization for advancing the sustainable use of renewable cellulosic resources, including wood, through science and technology. FPS members represent a broad range of professional interests including private and… Read more »

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5 Qualities of Excellent Customer Service By Kendra Tyner, Program Coordinator Have you ever had an amazing customer service experience? What about a negative experience? Our experiences immediately form our opinion of an organization or brand for better or for worse. Companies either thrive or fail based on the preconceived notions of their customers. Have… Read more »

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Bringing Generations Together: How to Bridge the Gap By: Jenna Jones, Program Coordinator Being relatable is a key component of any association. There are those that have served in the industry planting seeds for many years, while others are just entering the industry looking for ways to set themselves apart.  Whether you are considered a… Read more »

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Parli What? The Basics of Parliamentary Procedure By: Abby Burns, Program Coordinator In association management we regularly hold board meetings for our clients.  Often, boards turn to our management team to make sure they are executing business correctly and efficiently. In order to do this, they must ensure they are knowledgeable about the structure of… Read more »

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4 Strategies to Increase Brand Exposure By: Dawn Cheplick, Program Coordinator Inspiring consumers to purchase and use Georgia-grown watermelons continues to be a top priority for the association members and industry partners of the Georgia Watermelon Association. With the height of watermelon season approaching, the GWA is busy collaborating with PR firms, athletic events, media… Read more »

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5 Techniques for Strong Financial Management By: Teresa Beck, Financial Services Strong financial management systems support good business. Financial management does this by ensuring stakeholders can understand how well an organization plans for and uses their financial resources. Let’s take a look at 5 of ASG’s best practices for financial management within an organization. Consistency… Read more »

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Real World Events and Impact on Client Meetings – Risk Management and Crisis Preparedness By: Kelley Atkinson, Director of Conference Services My previous blog detailed my experience with event cancellation due to Hurricane Irma. In the weeks after my real world experience with life threatening weather, another life threatening crisis took place and made national… Read more »