What does ASG stand for?

ASG stands for Association Services Group. When the company was founded in 1995, our leadership decided that our highest priority should be reflected in the company name – Service.

How do I submit a Request for Proposal?

Submit a Request for Proposal using our online submission form. We look forward to hearing from you.

What services do you offer?

We adjust to our clients needs by offering a full service package (includes communication, membership, financial oversight, meeting planning, governance) as well as single project or consulting services. Read more about what we offer.

What does your AMCI Accreditation mean?

The AMC Institute Accreditation Program provides a detailed process for evaluating and improving internal operating procedures and service delivery methods that an accredited AMC must maintain. AMCs who have adopted the standard are accredited, and have made a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of customer service.

As an accredited AMC, Association Services Group has invested significant time and money in meeting or exceeding the requirements, and organizations can be assured that ASG demonstrates a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Achievement of AMC Institute Accreditation demonstrates Association Services Group’s commitment and ability to deliver consistent quality service to both current and prospective clients.

How many clients do you currently serve?

Currently, Association Services Group has 10 full-service clients, and 3 single event, or single service associations. Read more about our work with them.

What is an AMC (association management company)?

AMCs are for-profit businesses that do just what the name says – manage associations to help them grow and prosper. They offer the expertise, staffing and resources that allow professional societies, trade groups, not-for-profits and philanthropic organizations to effectively manage day-to-day operations and advance their long-term goals. AMCs deliver high levels of expertise and accountability so that associations can continue to increase their value and relevance to members. They also provide their clients with unparalleled flexibility, agility and financial advantages, making the AMC model a good alternative for managing many nonprofit organizations.

What services does Association Services Group offer?

Association Services Group offers turnkey management for all operating disciplines (such as membership, marketing, meetings, financial administration, policy development, etc) and all daily operations (including staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies, member services, etc.). You can also contract with ASG on an outsourced basis to provide specific expertise and services, such as membership; strategic planning; meetings, conventions, expositions and trade shows; financial management and administration; education and certification; public relations and marketing; web communications and social media; policy and lobbying; publications; and research.

When does Association Services Group makes sense as a management alternative for an association?

ASG is an effective association management solution for all types of organizations. Whether you operate as a professional society, trade group, philanthropic organization or other not-for-profit, whether your organization is big (with a sizable budget) or small (with a limited budget), whether you’ve existed for a long time or are just starting up, Association Services Group can help you improve your management and operations. Transitioning to ASG often makes sense during times of change, too, such as when your industry is growing or contracting, emerging technologies are changing the face of your profession or a long-time executive director is retiring.

Will my association be able to maintain its identity after partnering with an AMC? Will members of my organization notice a difference?

Associations that partner with Association Services Group maintain complete control over their identity. All association materials needed to conduct the organization’s business – letterhead, websites, business cards, other marketing materials – carry the association’s brand. Personnel assigned by ASG to serve your association typically carry titles and credentials specific to the association. As a result, association members, leadership and other stakeholders consistently appreciate these professionals as reliable and trustworthy staff.

How would Association Services Group fit into our existing business model? Is it one size fits all?

To capitalize on time and energy, ASG provides our associations and nonprofit clients with the expertise they need, when they need it. ASG customizes client services, assigning staff as needed to carry out specific goals. Each association client pays only for the services rendered, finding more value in concentrated, professional expertise.

How will Association Services Group work with our board members and association leaders?

ASG takes pride in the partnerships we have with our association clients, which necessarily demands development of strong, professional relationships with volunteer leaders. These relationships – based on trust and respect – enable our ASG staff and elected association leaders to work closely, collaboratively and effectively in order to achieve strategic goals. Our staff will concentrate on managing the day-to-day business and providing strategic input to boards, which frees the leadership to focus on mission critical initiatives, making the most of their limited time.

What kind of specialists will we have access to?

ASG offers the complete range of services required by today’s nonprofits. ASG has most of these services in-house, while some graphic and website development is handled by an outside specialist. Services available typically include all aspects of executive and strategic management, administration, membership, education, accreditation, meeting and convention management, finance, marketing, communications, standards, research, government relations, information systems and web services.

Can we change our scope of work, if and when our needs change?

As the size or scope your programs increase, additional staff and/or new specialists can be added to your team to provide the additional services to meet those needs.

How can shared resources by Association Services Group benefit my association?

ASG provides cost-effective solutions to staffing, equipment, facilities, budget considerations and more. Overhead costs are shared across each of our clients, providing access to better facilities, technology, training and resources than an organization could afford on its own. Your association can “plug in” immediately to the newest and most efficient software and hardware available, instantly boosting the level of service you provide to your members. In addition, ASG client association and nonprofits are able to leverage extensive buying power when it comes to meeting planning, marketing and communications, creative services and technology, among others. By working with vendors and suppliers on a regular basis, and negotiating contracts on behalf of multiple associations, ASG realizes savings which are then passed along to you.

Beyond shared resources, does Association Services Group share ideas and solutions among the associations you manage?

Sharing ideas and experiences is one of the great benefits of working with ASG. Because we work with multiple clients, Association Services Group can develop best practices and standards based on the collected experience of their staff members and clients. That leaves more time for staff and volunteer leaders to develop custom programs and solutions for your organization that are based on what really works.

What happens to our current association staff?

ASG will manage each engagement in accordance to the specific needs of each organization. During the contracting process, ASG will work with your organization’s leadership to identify your staffing needs and limitations, evaluate current staff performance and determine what makes the most sense – using all ASG-sourced staff, supplementing your existing staff with professionals with similar and/or different experience, or keeping some staff and replacing others based on performance. ASG has experience transitioning associations that have existing staff.

Does Association Services Group’s leadership offer experience from our members’ profession?

For some associations, it is imperative for executive staff to possess a professional standing within the industry or profession. In these cases, ASG works with the organization’s leadership to identify individuals who offer both experience within the profession as well as business aptitude and some association management experience.

Can ASG adapt to our organization’s culture? Will we lose the “personal touch” that members appreciate?

Association Services Group’s staff functions very much like a staff that is directly employed. Our staff learn about your organization and issues. They care about your mission and members. And they come to work every day hoping to contribute and make a difference. ASG is in the business of building your organization. Currently, ASG operates in five different industries.