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Plan for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: The Path of Hurricane Irma By: Kelley Atkinson, Director of Conference Services Most words spoken in French sound beautiful, right?  “Je t’aime,” “pâtisserie au chocolat,” “force majeure” – ok, maybe not.  Force majeure is anything but beautiful – from the wildfires burning along the West Coast to the… Read more »

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A Turducken Reflection By: Samantha Kilgore, Account Executive  Isn’t the turducken an interesting thing? The matryoshka doll of Thanksgiving– that is – a chicken, put inside of duck, stuffed inside of a turkey. The trifecta of poultry to satisfy all of your holiday meal desires. According to Wikipedia, the creator of the turducken is the… Read more »

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Less is More: What We Can Learn from 140 Characters By: Steena Hymes, Program Coordinator If you have been on Twitter lately, you are already aware that the social media platform has doubled its character allowance to 280 from its standard 140 character limit. And everyone on Twitter is taking their moment to tweet about… Read more »

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5 Simple Memory Habits For Busy Minds By: Abby DeGennaro, Program Coordinator There is never a dull day in the world of association management! Each day presents new challenges in this fast-paced, exciting environment – challenges that may seem overwhelming at times. You know that type of day: The phones are ringing off the hook…. Read more »

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You’ve Got Mail: 4 Tips for a Busy Inbox By: Ashley Shamp, Program Coordinator Managing email clutter can be a problem for us all. With most business being done electronically, it’s easy to allow email to pile up, and ultimately, become overwhelming and difficult to manage. I realized I had to come up with a… Read more »

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The Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association (GOWA) has selected Association Services Group (ASG) for full service management, effective October 1. GOWA is a state-wide, non-profit association dedicated to the professional and educational advancements of wastewater professionals in Georgia. “We are very excited to have ASG working with us as we move towards our organizational and educational… Read more »

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Rebecca Masic was honored with the Dr. William A. Spencer Annual Fellowship last month from Auburn University. The fellowship is awarded to students in the College of Education and Masic was nominated by her professor, and dissertation chair, Dr. Maria Witte. “Rebecca Masic exhibits exceptional promise and leadership in the field of Adult Education within… Read more »