Attract and Excite Prospective Members

Your association needs to offer more than just a membership to attract and excite prospective members. Your prospects need to know what that membership means to them, and why they want exclusive access to your community. When it comes to effective membership recruitment, you should not focus on selling membership, but rather getting your prospective members involved in a relationship with your association. Membership recruitment campaigns require time and resources that many associations just don’t have. That is where ASG can help as an experienced and successful membership recruitment management team.

Proven Recruitment Strategies

Membership recruitment depends on specific communication strategies, designed to reach and inspire prospects. Whether it’s the opportunity to connect, help with achieving goals, or the chance to develop professionally, all of your future members are looking for a benefit. In order to consistently grow membership, associations must think of prospective members as customers, and offer them something for their investment in a membership. ASG has extensive experience and a proven track record of success in developing membership recruitment campaigns.