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Hello … is anybody there?

By: Gene Ballard, Vice President of Administrative Services

I don’t know about you but I dislike automated voice recordings.  It is very frustrating to call a company and an automated voice comes on saying; ‘Hello, please press 1 for conference services … press 2 for accounting … press 3 for technical support … press 9 to go back to the main menu. I’m sorry, that’s an incorrect number. Please try again later.’

After ten minutes of trying to find the department you need, you finally give up and send an email hoping it will reach a real person. There are a few things technology cannot replace and personalized customer service is one. When dealing with a live company representative, customers gain a sense of human interaction, friendliness, clarity, fast service, a decisive outcome, and company knowledge.

At ASG we know person-to-person communication remains hard to beat.  Our staff answers the phone lines with a ‘real’ human voice.  Here are just a few reasons we do not use an automated phone attendant:

  • Show our clients that they are important. Our clients are not just another number hanging on the phone line. At ASG we want our clients to know that our business is about them and not about our own convenience.
  • Save our clients time. With an automated voice, clients have to go through a menu to get transferred to the right person. If the client hits the wrong button, they have to go through the menu again. ASG is all about saving our clients time by simply helping them right then and there.
  • First impression of company. Our staff verifies details to make sure the customer gets transferred to the right person in the right department. A welcoming voice can make a customer not only feel good but reflects well on the company.

Hello … is anybody there?  Yes, ASG’s staff is here answering your phone call with our real voice (not recorded).  We are the first person of contact and we want to give our clients the best customer service experience they have ever had.