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4 Strategies to Increase Brand Exposure

By: Dawn Cheplick, Program Coordinator

Inspiring consumers to purchase and use Georgia-grown watermelons continues to be a top priority for the association members and industry partners of the Georgia Watermelon Association. With the height of watermelon season approaching, the GWA is busy collaborating with PR firms, athletic events, media companies and many other areas to best promote this fruit.  From Major League Baseball parks to the NASCAR tracks, GWA is making a presence throughout Georgia and across the United States to ensure that consumers are reminded to ‘get a taste’ of Georgia watermelon wherever they are this summer! Below are some of GWA’s best marketing strategies that can also be applied to your brand!

Advertising to the Masses

If you’re a patron at Sun Trust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, the GWA is reaching customers through advertising in the official 2018 Atlanta Braves Yearbook where more than 250,000 copies are projected to be sold this summer.

Across Georgia, the GWA will advertise on billboards and mobile ads and will be prominent on electronic and static billboards in 46 locations across Georgia, with a heavy concentration in the Metro Atlanta area.  Exposure will include 108 spots on each of the 10 digital units each day from mid-May through July equaling 1080 spots every 24 hours!

Send out the Ambassadors

The GWA Queen – the association’s PR Ambassador – is busy traveling during the spring to participate in Farm Day programs at elementary schools educating kids on the nutritional and health benefits of watermelon.  At each visit she distributes custom marketing materials such as designed coloring books and fans with fun tips and facts about watermelon.

To stir consumer interest just before July 4th, the GWA Queen travels to Atlanta and is featured on a TV segment in a 3 minute interview speaking about her role as the ambassador of the association where she shares watermelon recipes to pair with this patriotic backyard barbecue holiday.  Viewers are reminded to stop in at their local retailer to pick up a Georgia-grown watermelon to pair with holiday festivities.

Build your Social Media Presence

Another marketing tactic of GWA will be through social media.  To increase engagement and consumer awareness, the association will be conducting ‘Facebook Live’ video sessions, inviting everyone to tune in to learn more about the nutritional and health benefits of watermelon and share recipes! Viewers will be asked not only to comment and like, but also be encouraged to watch the full video to qualify for giveaways.  The live broadcast each week will be hosted by the GWA Queen.  Additionally, GWA will also co-market with Georgia-based food influencers who will also host their own series giving the GWA added exposure and allowing the association to reach a whole new audience.

Attention-Getting Graphics

The GWA uses banner displays to take their message on the road to many retail locations across Georgia.  To boost awareness and inspire consumers to eat more watermelon, the GWA utilizes branded pop up stands to promote their message.  They are a great tool for getting the message across to customers.  The GWA is excited to show off their newly designed displays this summer – ‘Happiness in every bite’ and ‘How to pick the perfect watermelon’.

Whether you are a patron at a major league baseball game, participating in a 10K, shopping in a grocery store, or riding along Interstate 85 in Metro Atlanta, GWA’s marketing strategies are increasing its brand exposure, introducing them to new audiences across the state!

Dawn has been employed at ASG for 14 years where she has worked with several associations.  Dawn is the Membership and Event Coordinator for Georgia Watermelon Association and the Society for the Preservation of Oral Health.  Dawn is married to Paul and they have two grown daughters, Jami and Sydnie.  They are the proud owners of Sophie Gabriella, their family pet Schnauzer, who they love spending time with.