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A Turducken Reflection

By: Samantha Kilgore, Account Executive 

Isn’t the turducken an interesting thing? The matryoshka doll of Thanksgiving– that is – a chicken, put inside of duck, stuffed inside of a turkey. The trifecta of poultry to satisfy all of your holiday meal desires. According to Wikipedia, the creator of the turducken is the owner of a butcher shop in Louisiana. Inspiration struck when the shop was visited by a farmer who came in with the recently killed birds and asked the owners to “create a medley”.

It occurs to me that this farmer was simply on a mission to enjoy three of his most recent blessings all at once. Separately, sure, these birds are tasty. But together, combined and cooked to perfection the meal reaches an entirely different dimension of delicious. See where I’m going with this?

2017 at Association Services Group yielded many successes and opportunities for growth. Just like the turducken, our current client base is thriving (chicken), we’ve grown to add two more full service clients (duck), and none of these successes would be possible without strong leadership and an outstanding ASG team (turkey). Individually, these accomplishments are outstanding. Altogether, we’re excited to see the future of ASG so bright.

As we reflect on our metaphorical turducken, we would be remiss not to acknowledge those who have contributed to a successful 2017 here at ASG.

Thank you to our 13 full service and 5 single event clients with whom we began 2017. Many of these groups have been a part of the Association Services Group family for more than 10 years. These client associations allow us to grow, to challenge and to succeed alongside one another. We are thankful for your continued partnership.

Thank you to our newest association partners, Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association, and the Literacy Research Association for your commitment to ASG. We look forward to buckling down with your leadership and boards to accomplish goals and serve the mission of your organizations.

Thank you to our wonderful ASG team and CEO Charles Hall for providing the highest level of customer service as possible for client associations. ASG has experienced growth in 2017 because we have an outstanding, service oriented culture and team. This year we were honored to be listed one of Georgia Trend Magazine’s Best Places to Work, which was based on employee surveys of their work experience. Our placement on this list is truly a testament to the outstanding work culture at Association Service Group.

As we near the end of 2017 and begin another year, we are thankful for the new opportunities this year brought and look forward to another successful year. Association Services Group is continuing to expand, and the growth we have experienced this year has opened the door for a building expansion. ASG is adding on 3,840 square feet of office space which is expected to be completed by February. We are excited for how this expansion will help us better serve our clients and continue the culture of excellence at Association Services Group.