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To say 2020 was a unique year would be an understatement. Our clients faced uncertainty at every turn, especially when it came time to plan annual in-person events. From small professional societies, to large trade associations, all were forced to reimagine and adapt to a world where the business of members — the meetings, the classes and networking– were all held online.

Fortunately, these organizations would not face these new, and somewhat “unconventional” methods alone. Our staff members dove headfirst into researching virtual events and developed new relationships with platform providers at breakneck speed. True to our core values, the results exceeded expectations. Take a look at just a few examples of what ASG clients were able to accomplish in 2020.

Meeting of the Minds

When one client whose members consisted of professors, graduate students, PhD candidates and other academia, was forced to transition to a virtual event, ASG facilitated meetings with several vendors until a company was found who could meet the unique needs of the association. The result — a normal 6-day, in-person conference converted to a 6-day, virtual event that included everything from study groups and plenary sessions to social events and panel discussions.  Attendance at the virtual event matched attendance numbers from their 2019 in-person conference.

Tradeshow Reimagined

For one 97-year-old trade association, face-to-face interaction and “ease of access” was the top priority for a traditional conference turned virtual.  ASG worked with the planning committee to select a well-known technology platform and then adapt it to fit the association’s needs for a speed networking event where members did a large part of their business annually. The event was a success. ASG and the association facilitated more than 900 meetings over a five-hour period that generated more than $1 million in business.  Read more in detail here.

Live via Social Media

One client decided to bring education to their diverse audiences online using social media platforms like Facebook Live.  For school age children, farmers read books about agriculture, produce and the value of the farm. For the members, the client had growers give virtual tours of their operation and an equipment dealer speak about precision agriculture and the evolution of the tractor. Engagement and visibility for the client were at an all-time high.

Together, Safely.

For those that met in person, wearing masks, sitting six-feet apart and limiting the number of attendees were just a few of the safety measures taken during these events. The ASG team worked closely with hotels and venues to ensure their clients and members minimized any risk. For those who decided to meet together physically – safety was maintained and the business of the association continued.


Facing the Future Head On

The pandemic may have changed the way we do business, but it did not slow us down.  Instead, the ASG team took the “new normal” in stride by forging relationships and resources with new vendors and stretching and building our skills to facilitate the business of the association online and in person.

While the hope is 2021 will have a sense of normalcy to it, whatever the year brings, ASG will be well-prepared and rise to the occasion to meet any challenges that come our way.

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