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In our previous blog, we introduced the five core values of ASG:

  1. Choose Happiness
  2. Put Others First
  3. Pursue Excellence
  4. Commit to Integrity
  5. Seek Creative Solutions

Now, here’s a closer look at the first of our five values: Choose Happiness.

By choosing happiness, our ASG team embraces positivity and practices professionalism and compassion in every interaction.

We’ve placed this value first because our state of mind is our greatest weapon and defense in any circumstance. We live in an imperfect world with complicated people, unpredictable challenges, and complex situations. By choosing happiness, we find the silver lining. We press through hard times to find the good of achieving the goal, and we don’t let challenges deter us from our mission of client satisfaction.

Here are three practical ways to choose happiness:

Put it in Perspective

Small problems can seem like big problems until framed in the right perspective. When you start to feel negativity creeping in – think about the big picture and evaluate the impact of your attitude. You will likely find that the stress and burden you are feeling is largely self-induced, and the problem in front of you bears little weight in the grand scheme.

Write it Down

After you have captured your thoughts, put pen to paper and write down the positives, action items or even reasons to choose happiness. Studies show that the act of writing something down adds weight and frees up your mind to strategize. Bonus points for writing and posting notes that you see on a daily basis!

Protect the Water Cooler

Negativity, complaining, nay-saying is contagious, but so is positivity. Stay away from continuously negative chat in the workplace. Help your coworker come out of their angry vent-session by redirecting the negative conversation to what can be done, or something different altogether. Instead of dwelling on what is hard, turn the focus on how to make it better. Project positivity, show compassion, Choose Happiness.