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At its core, a compass orients us in the right direction and ensures that we don’t get lost. It’s 2019 and most of us aren’t using an actual compass to get from point A to point B. At most, we have an app on our phone, but rarely do we use it to orient where we are and where we need to go. Instead, we have GPS apps that already does the navigation work for us and we simply follow.

But whether you realize it or not, we all still by our own internal “compass” which is oriented by core values put into place. Let’s broadly think about core values as those set of guidelines or philosophies that we adopt, and in turn, affect who we are and how we interact with the world around us. They shape our goals, they determine our actions and most importantly, they serve as instruments to measure how closely our actions align with our goal.

Last year, the ASG leadership sat down to identify specific attributes that define the core of ASG’s culture and to determine what values represent our mission and our work. Through individual and group reflection, we found similar themes unfolding, and at the end, what remained were five core values that defined who ASG is.

  1. Choose Happiness: We practice professionalism and compassion in every interaction and we embrace positivity.
  2. Put Others First: With clients and fellow team members, in the community and as a company, we believe in putting others above ourselves.
  3. Pursue Excellence: Excellence is the expectation at ASG and we are in constant pursuit. We are always seeking to improve our craft.
  4. Commit to Integrity: We hold fast to truth and never compromise character.
  5. Seek Creative Solutions: We don’t give up; we pursue innovative solutions and step out of the box to find the best answer to a problem.

We at ASG are committed to putting these values to action with how we interact with our clients, our staff and our community. In the coming weeks, our blog series will break down each of these core values and explore how ASG personifies them out in our day-to-day tasks.