ASG Achieves AMC Institute Re-Accreditation

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ASSOCIATION SERVICES GROUP ACHIEVES AMC INSTITUTE RE-ACCREDITATION (LaGrange, GA, May 4, 2016) – Association Services Group (ASG) announced that it has recently been awarded re-accreditation by AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the Association Management industry. Among 500-plus Association Management Companies (AMC) worldwide, only 81 have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation, demonstrating the commitment and… Read more »

Does Your Association Have a Social Media Game Plan?

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Does Your Association Have a Social Media Game Plan? 74% of associations indicated that increasing member engagement is a top membership goal, according to Marketing General’s Membership Marketing Report. Yet, lack of engagement with the organization was cited as among the top three reasons for members not renewing. That’s where social media can be a major game… Read more »

Lets Get It Done

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Let’s Get It Done Secrets to Improved Productivity  Sometimes feel like you have more than ever to do, but less time to do it in? Associations are tasked with accomplishing a wide range of tasks and activities often with limited budgets and resources. If you find yourself having to do more with less, take a… Read more »

Hotel Contracts 101

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Hotel Contracts 101 By Shanan Atkinson Executive Director, AACA, DGA  When I first started at ASG in 2002, I had zero experience with hotel contracts. I was working for a single client whose annual event had 3,000 attendees and 6 hotels with 1,200 rooms sold. Charles had created a pattern so that hotel contracts were… Read more »

Research Shows AMCs Benefit Associations

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New Research Finds Associations Managed by AMCs Enjoy Strong Net Revenue, Asset Growth Study shows why association management companies are a great option for associations regardless of size and tax status   DETROIT – The AMC Institute today released new research demonstrating that associations that partner with association management companies (AMCs) enjoy significant revenue and asset… Read more »

Managing a For-Profit Program Offered By a Non-Profit Organization

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Managing a For-Profit Program Offered by a Non-Profit Organization Beth Oleson, Executive Director, GAA, Food Safety Director, GFVGA Most people have heard the old adage, “non-profit organizations can’t make a profit.” Not only is this wrong, but it is often the profit generated by association programs and activities that become essential to a non-profit organization’s… Read more »

The Internship Experience

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Association Services Group recently begun an internship program with support from GSAE.  After the first internship quarter (January-May) both intern and supervisor wrote an article for the GSAE newsletter outlining their learning experience and tips and tricks for other AMC’s going through the same process.  The Supervisor-  Samantha T. Kilgore, Director of Communications, ASG.  (written… Read more »

3 Simple Social Media Strategies

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3 Simple Social Media Strategies to See Real Results in 2014 by Corey Perlman   With social media, if you’re not generating new leads or building stronger relationships with existing customers, then it’s just a hobby. And it you’re like me, the last thing you need is a new hobby.   This article will offer… Read more »