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What does Water have to do with Teamwork

By Gene Ballard,  Human Resources Director As we all know, water is beneficial for many things:

  • Helps sustain physical performance
  • Hydrates our body
  • Maintains body temperature
  • Improves body metabolism

Simply, water is the lifeblood of our bodies.  We need water to survive and grow. Without water our bodies become dehydrated, out of balance and weak. So you ask … how does water relate to teamwork? In the same way, teamwork is the lifeblood of any organization.  When we work together as a team, our company survives and grows.  We become unified and stronger. Today, I am blessed to work for a company that believes in teamwork. As the Human Resources Director, I see our employees thriving and more balanced because they lean on each other.  Here are a few quick ways we foster team work here at ASG:

  1. Collaboration – Company wide, ASG hosts bi-weekly staff meetings so our team of 20+ can stay up to date on client programming and events. Not only does this practice keep the office in-the-know, it also fosters collaboration as we share projects and problem solving with others we might not work with on a day to day basis.
  2. Continuing Education –  ASG allows every team member an opportunity for professional development. In fact, we encourage it at least 4 times a year.  Courses can be online through webinars, or through participating in the Georgia Society of Association Executives educational luncheons or annual meeting.  We have found that this professional development energizes our staff, and we encourage them to write a quick synopsis of what they learned with the team so everyone benefits.

In the same way that water keeps our bodies vibrant and energized, teamwork at ASG is our key to success!


Gene Ballard has been with ASG for 9 years. Gene has more than thirty-five years of business operations experience, serving as VP/Comptroller for a public relations firm for 27 years.  She excels in team management and human resources, and loves to see ASG display its true talent through working together as a team.  She loves the beach, her family, and spoiling her grandchildren.