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Waking Up Retired by Gene Ballard

Eighteen years ago, after retiring from her Atlanta job, Kaye Lindsey decided to look for a part-time job closer to home. At that same time, ASG was looking for a full-time Director of Accounting.  Kaye applied … and got the job even though she was looking only for part-time work.

Over the years, Kaye became the building block for the Accounting Department. With her over 30 years of accounting knowledge, ASG was very fortunate that Kaye joined the ASG Team.  As the years passed, Kaye decided after being full time for 8 years with ASG, she was ready to retire (again) from ASG.  As luck would have it, this is where I came in.  In 2008 I was hired as the Director of Accounting which allowed Kaye to work part-time. (We talked her into staying part-time).

Fast forward to 2018 (10 years later) and Kaye is still working part-time. She helped train all of us in the Accounting Department. Everyone at ASG has been fortunate to have Kaye’s expertise to rely on.

This year, after dedicating 18 years of service to ASG, Kaye will finally achieve her dream to retire ‘full time’. Kaye’s work truly made a lasting impact and one that has changed the company for the better in so many ways. To say that Kaye will be missed seems like such an understatement. For me personally, I want Kaye to know what a blessing it’s been to work with her over these past 10 years. She is one of those rare people who instantly became a friend … not ‘just’ a co-worker.  But I know her retirement is the right thing at this time in her life.

We would all like to thank Kaye for being a tireless professional, a helpful coworker, and for her dedication and loyalty to ASG.

Now go and relax Kaye!  No more following time schedule, no more hunting down why financials are off by 5 cents. Though we will miss you … we are happy from our heart.

When you get bored Waking Up Retired … our door is always open.

Happy retirement from your ASG Family!!!!

Gene Ballard and Kaye Lindsey