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This Thanksgiving, Count your Blessings (not your calories).

By: Abby Burns, Program Coordinator

Although Thanksgiving is the theme of November, giving thanks should not only be done one month a year! Here at Association Services Group, we have so much to be thankful for, however, sometimes being thankful is the last thing that comes to mind in the middle of the workday. We all get in the everyday grind and can get weighed down by sometimes heavy task loads and responsibilities to uphold. Sometimes being thankless is easier than being thankful.

However, according to Robert A. Emmons, a professor of psychology at UC Davis, being thankful and grateful can actually be a really healthy practice. It can, “lower blood pressure, improve immune function and facilitate more efficient sleep.” I know everyone wants a slice of those health benefits! After reading that statistic I wondered what my coworkers were thankful for when it came to working here at ASG, so I set out to ask. At ASG we are all a piece of a pie that makes up this wonderful work environment. Take a look at what ASG employees say they are most thankful for here at ASG.

“I’m thankful for wonderful co-workers who have strengths in many backgrounds and offer advice and experience. I often learn something new from someone else’s strengths and that newfound knowledge can be offered to clients and the services we provide. You’re never too old to learn and I’m thankful for a work environment that encourages growth and knowledge.”

“I am thankful for the teamwork in my department and knowing that someone will always pitch in to help when needed.”

“I am thankful for a job that challenges me and constantly teaches me to expand my skill set. This job has prepared me to do almost anything.”

“I am thankful for being in a positive environment with people who actually enjoy their jobs. I feel empowered each and every day to do my best and help the company & and our clients excel.”

“After working at ASG for 9 years and now returning to the office, I have to say it’s always the people that make the difference. It has been wonderful to reconnect with old friends and equally as exciting to meet new co-workers.”

“I am blessed to work for a boss who is honorable, dedicated (not only to his company, but to his employers), and treats all of us with dignity and respect.”

It turns out, we here at ASG are very thankful people. In fact, the thing we are most thankful is for our people, our coworkers, our “home slices”! Without them, ASG would cease to exist. So, for those of you who are reading this post I have one request of you, START each day with a thankful heart because, it’s not HAPPY people who are THANKFUL, it’s THANKFUL people who are HAPPY!