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Written By Ernie Smith

Spillover: Heartbleed’s Big Lessons, One Drop At A Time
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Heart beating fast enough yet? Last week’s disclosure of the Heartbleed bug caught a lot of people’s attention, especially in the IT department. There’s a lot we can take from this incident, even after your pulse drops back to normal.
If you’re an IT staffer, there’s a good chance you might be catching your breath right now.
That’s because last week was a bit of a wild one on the security front. I’m, of course, talking about Heartbleed, the massive bug in the OpenSSL encryption protocol that most major sites use.
(And it wasn’t the only security headache, either: The WordPress-produced Jetpack plugin, widely used by nearly all sites reliant on the CMS, had a security issue so serious that the organization updated 11 old versions of the plugin just to patch the vulnerability. That one was easier to fix.)
Now that you’re hopefully up to date and have gotten the all-clear that your SSL encryption won’t fall prey to the chain of events shown here, let’s talk about what we’ve learned from all of this—starting with that logo.
What if we were more than transparent when something bad happens—what if we promoted our efforts to fix the issue? It might make sure that people sufficiently care.

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