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Google Suite Tools at a Sweet Cost

By: Brittney Roberts, Program Services Coordinator 

High quality programs that meet your needs can get pricey. And when you are working to make use of every dollar for your association, it’s tempting to compromise on quality in order to save some money.

But not all good things come at a high cost. Did you know non-profit companies are able to create a Google Suite account for free? All you have to do is sign up, show proof that you’re a non-profit, and purchase a domain (which is roughly a $15-20 fee per year if you don’t already own one). It’s also easy to set up.

One of my clients uses Google Suite for everything, improving our overall communication, organization and processes.

  • We all have a uniform email address unique to our association. You can create custom email addresses for your board members and other committee members, so members aren’t getting organization emails lost in the shuffle of their work email.
  • Since we have Board and Committee members located throughout the US, we can hold video conference calls using Google Hangout. It’s also a great way to hold conference calls with those that live outside of the United States. You can also screen share!
  • Google Docs make editing so much simpler! Instead of sending out a file via email and receiving 10 edited files back that you have to sift through (so exhausting), using a Google Doc allows everyone to go in and edit the SAME FILE! This makes editing so much easier and faster.
  • What if you wanted to build your own website? You can do that too! I built a site for one of our clients’ biggest meetings. They host a 1,000-person luncheon with about 30 people helping to coordinate the event! Most of these coordinators are volunteers and some have never even assisted with the luncheon, so they may not understand their role. The site I built not only listed out the per-month tasks leading up the luncheon, but it also has a few pages explaining who is assigned to what role and what their tasks are in that role. Now each year when there is a new coordinator, they have access to this great site to help them learn what they are supposed to be doing to help organize the luncheon.
  • Does your association have an abstract process? Google Suites offers another great tool called FORMS. This allows you to build a form and publish it on your website to collect answers (or proposals).

Don’t be intimated when you first look into setting up your account. It’s user friendly and offers different articles and videos to assist with setting up an account. They also have a 24/7 chat option, so a Google employee can assist you with any questions you may have. This is a great way to get all of your association’s information/files into one place and get your Board and Committees more involved.


Brittney Roberts is a Program Services Coordinator. She is an Auburn Graduate and is celebrating 4 years with ASG this month!