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April 1 marked 23 years for ASG and to celebrate, our staff has shared 23 reasons we love working at ASG!

  1. “The variety of clients. It’s neat to learn about different worlds of business all in one place.” – Abby Burns
  2. “ASG’s commitment to professional development helps me continue to grow my skill set for being a more effective leader.” – Debbie Brady
  3. “All of us are allowed to make a mistake and not get in trouble. Admitting a mistake and saying ‘I’m sorry, it was my fault’ is not a bad thing at ASG.” – Charles Hall
  4. “Idea sharing. ASG is all about sharing resources.  When someone is facing a challenge, other staff members step up to the plate to assist and offer advice when needed.” – Caitlin Hyatt
  5. “The recognition of individual strengths and value of each team member.” – Rebecca Masic
  6. “The open door policy, you know you always have someone to talk to.” – Amy Steele
  7. “The location. ASG is conveniently located close to major highways in the state and just 45 mins south of the ATL Hartsfield airport, so we have quick access anywhere!”  – Samantha Kilgore
  8. “ASG offers great health benefits!” – Dawn Cheplick
  9. “The round-table interviews. I had never taken part in one of these until I came to ASG. It’s such a great way to ensure the majority of your employees are happy and compatible with who is hired.” – Abby Burns
  10. “The priorities. From upper management down to the newest hire, we encourage employees to put the first things first. Be that family, friends, kids – you name it – we’re flexible to support our team members and their after-work passions so everyone can find a great balance.”  – Samantha Kilgore
  11. “ASG leadership is careful not to micromanage employees.” – Beth Oleson
  12. “Best place I’ve ever worked!” – Teresa Beck
  13. “ASG is continuously growing and taking on new clients.” – Jenna Jones
  14. “Constant change. Due to term limits, it’s like a new school year every so often with a new group of “classmates” to collaborate with.  Additionally, as the world changes, so do our associations.  It’s never a dull moment in AMC world!” – Caitlin Hyatt
  15. “Management is willing to try new things.” – Brenden St. John
  16. “Caring coworkers.” – Carly Byrd
  17. “The ability to work on my own, but still be part of a team.” – Debbie Alexander
  18. “ASG is intentional about creating a family environment. From celebrating birthdays to recognizing anniversaries, and just being present throughout all of life’s events!” – Steena Hymes
  19. “Room to explore creativity.” – April Smith
  20. “The great staff!” – Shawn Pursley
  21. “It allows for opportunities to travel to new places.” – Abby DeGennaro
  22. “The CEO. Charles Hall, ASG CEO and 23 year association management veteran is the pacesetter here at ASG. Not only is he here beyond the normal 8-5, he’s accessible to every employee with an open door and an open mind, tenured or brand new.  He leads with integrity, gets down in the dirt with all association teams, and only has the best interests of the client in mind.”  – Samantha Kilgore
  23. I love ASG because it is my ‘home away from home’. – Gene Ballard