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We provide professional management services to trade associations, membership societies and not-for-profit organizations. Association Services Group (ASG) is accredited under the ANSI/AMC Institute’s Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Industry.

"In today's competitive association management industry, ASG has an excellent long-term track record with its clients providing services."

Managing a For-Profit Program Offered By a Non-Profit Organization
Most people have heard the old adage, “non-profit organizations can’t make a profit.” Not only is this wrong, but it is often the profit generated by association programs and activities that become essential to a non-profit organization’s survival.
The Internship Experience
Association Services Group recently begun an internship program with support from GSAE.  After the first internship quarter (January-May) both intern and supervisor wrote an article for the GSAE newsletter outlining their learning experience and tips and tricks for other AMC's going through the same process.